Most homeowners in Greer, SC love using heat pumps because of their versatility and energy-saving benefits. To adequately enjoy these heat pump benefits, the unit must be the right size for your home. We will cover three reasons why a heat pump’s size matters.

1. Energy Savings

When buying a heat pump, you may choose to buy an undersized, oversized, or properly sized unit. Many homeowners think that an oversized system will heat their homes better, while others assume that an undersized unit will help them to save energy costs.

Contrary to expectations, an oversized heat pump is too powerful for your home. Therefore, it heats your home quickly and shuts down before completing a heating cycle.

It then starts up again and repeats the same thing. HVAC professionals call this scenario short cycling.

When your compressor starts up more times than it should, it consumes a lot of electricity. This means you will pay high energy bills if you have an oversized system.

On the other hand, if you have an undersized system, you will also pay high energy bills because the heat pump runs without stopping instead of working in cycles. The heat pump runs continuously because your home’s heating load exceeds the unit’s ability.

If you own a properly sized heat pump, the heat pump’s ability matches your home’s heating load. Therefore, your energy bill won’t shoot up.

2. Wear and Tear

Short cycling with an oversized unit accelerates the wear and tear of your system’s components. The same happens when your unit runs without stopping if it is too small for your house.

This means you may experience frequent breakdowns, which increase your maintenance costs. On the other hand, if you own a correctly sized heat pump, its components wear out at a normal rate.

3. Comfort

An oversized heat pump does not take the proper time needed to adequately heat your home. Consequently, you may notice some rooms are warm while others are not.

The same situation happens when you have an undersized heat pump because it cannot satisfy your home’s heating needs. On the other hand, an appropriately sized heat pump provides warm air evenly to all rooms in your home.

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