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Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Greenville, Greer, Taylors, SC and Surrounding Areas

When a traditional forced-air heating and cooling system just won’t cut it, it’s time to start thinking differently. At Preferred Choice Heating and Air, we specialize in designing, installing and servicing innovative ductless air conditioning systems for every situation.

ductless ac unit in room

How Ductless AC Delivers Versatile Comfort

Like typical central air systems, ductless air conditioning systems are split into indoor and outdoor units. In the indoor unit, warm air from your home is blown across a refrigerant-filled evaporator coil. The chilled refrigerant cools the air by absorbing heat energy. Once the refrigerant is pumped to the outdoor unit, a condenser coil releases the heat energy back into the air.

A traditional HVAC system uses a centralized indoor unit that distributes air through your ductwork. By contrast, ductless AC uses independent indoor units that can be mounted wherever they’re needed. Each unit blows air directly into the room, requiring only a small conduit to connect to the central outdoor unit. Additionally, most ductless systems are heat pumps that can operate in reverse to provide both cooling and heating.

What Can Ductless Air Conditioning Do for You?

The flexible, decentralized nature of ductless air conditioning opens up a whole world of possibilities. Indoor units can be mounted to virtually any surface, allowing you to place heating and cooling exactly where it’s needed. With a ductless multi-split, you can even control each unit separately to create a zoned HVAC system. Ductless units can also be used to supplement a central HVAC system.

With no need for air ducts, ductless systems are perfect for homes that don’t have the space to support ductwork. Going ductless is also a great way to achieve more energy-efficient heating and cooling. Many duct systems are leaky and poorly insulated, leading to substantial energy loss and higher utility costs. That’s never a problem with a ductless system.

Ductless Comfort Done Right

As with standard HVAC systems, proper installation is key to unlocking the full potential of ductless air conditioning. Preferred Choice Heating and Air’s experienced service technicians bring quality workmanship and proven expertise to every installation. Whether you’re designing a full climate control system or outfitting a new addition, we’ll help you create a customized solution. We can also keep your system strong and healthy with our ductless AC repair and maintenance services. As a leading ductless HVAC specialist, we uphold strict standards of quality and service.

  • High-quality products and services at flat-rate prices
  • Meticulously planned installations and rigorous testing
  • Speedy, responsive repairs and reliable maintenance

You don’t need a traditional HVAC system to enjoy efficient, dependable comfort. With the skilled service technicians at Preferred Choice Heating and Air, you can discover the best that ductless air conditioning has to offer.

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