Heat pumps offer energy-efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling for your Greer, South Carolina, home. Instead of installing both a heating system and a cooling system, the unit performs both functions. Today’s heat pumps work with all types and sizes of houses in order to provide you with year-round comfort and lower utility bills.

Improved Indoor Comfort

After a heat pump installation, your home will be more comfortable. In the summertime, high indoor humidity levels make your skin feel clammy or sticky. According to the United States Department of Energy, these pumps do a better job of dehumidifying the indoor air compared to a central air conditioning system. The drier air feels more comfortable on your skin. In the wintertime, the pumps move outdoor heat into your home. They essentially function as a space heater. This results in more consistent warmth during periods of cold weather.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

A heat pump installation could lower your annual heating and cooling costs by an average of $459 to $948, according to the Department of Energy. The pumps are about 50 percent more efficient compared to electric resistance heaters and 100 to 200 times more efficient than oil-based heating systems. Even if you live in a place with sub-freezing winters or hot and humid summers, a heat pump installation could pay for itself within eight to 10 years.

Enhanced Flexibility

If you like your bedroom cool, but another member of your home prefers a warm bedroom, the pumps allow you to enjoy zoned climate control. You could choose a system that allows you to set up to five zones within your home. If you’re remodeling or adding onto your home, the mini ductless pumps don’t require air ducts in order to deliver heated or cooled air to each zone. For more information about the energy efficiency and improved comfort options provided by heat pumps, contact Preferred Choice Heating and Air today.

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