The summer months are fast approaching for Greenville, SC, residents. This means your AC system will need to work harder to maintain the level of comfort in your home. Check for these signs that it’s time to install a new AC system in your Greenville, SC home.

1. Lack of Comfort

Your AC or heat pump may struggle to cool and circulate air throughout your home with age. Once the comfort level in your home is insufficient, it’s time for a heating and air system replacement.

2. Poor Air Quality

A properly working central air conditioner or heat pump can control several issues related to the quality of air in your home. Excess humidity and a stale feel to the air in your home are two signs of a struggling central air conditioner or heat pump. Your central AC system or heat pump may also be losing its ability to moderate the air in your home if members of your family are constantly sneezing.

3. Increasing Energy Bills

It’s normal for energy costs to spike during the dead of the winter or the middle of the summer. But when energy costs are higher than normal at other times of the year or if they’re uncharacteristically high, your system is likely wasting energy.

4. Frequent Repairs

It’s best to install a new central AC system or heat pump once major repairs become necessary several times a year to keep your present system in use. A new system will save you the cost of repairs and ensure the comfort of your home for more than a decade.

5. Strange Noises

Central ACs and heat pumps often make a bit of noise at both the beginning and end of a cycle. But properly working ACs and heat pumps are pretty quiet while in operation. If your system begins to squeal or make grinding sounds while cooling your home, it may be nearing the end of its lifespan.

There is no replacement for the comfort and safety you’ll enjoy when your heat pump works properly throughout the winter months. Call Preferred Choice Heating and Air in Greenville, SC, for all your central AC and heat pump installation needs.

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