You can utilize various filtration systems to address indoor pollution in your Greenville, SC, home. Bi-polar filtration is an advanced technology that captures microbes and particles throughout your indoor space. Read on to discover the benefits of bi-polar air purifiers.

Doesn’t Disrupt Airflow and Ventilation

A conventional HVAC system has limitations when it comes to capturing indoor pollutants. While installing a hospital-grade filter may seem like the perfect solution, most systems are incompatible. The thickness of the filter will block airflow, diminishing the performance of your air conditioner or heater.

Bi-polar ionization filtration utilizes the ionization process to capture pollutants. A bi-polar air purifier creates positive and negative ions that travel throughout the house to clean the indoor atmosphere. That way, it eliminates the risk of airflow blockages that can damage your HVAC system.

Breaks Down Pathogens and Particles

As the bi-polar ionization system releases ions into the indoor space, the ions seek out and combine with other particles. When charged particles collide with pathogens, they destroy the protein on the pathogen’s surface.

The ionization system renders bacteria and viruses harmless. Bi-polar air purifiers can inactivate even the tiniest microbes by trapping them in a cluster of ions.

By neutralizing pathogens, bi-polar filtration reduces the risk of microbial infestation during Greenville’s humid summers. It protects your air conditioner’s coil from a debris buildup that could compromise the system’s performance in the hot season. The bi-polar air purifier also requires minimal routine maintenance since it has a robust carbon fiber assembly.

Tackles Odors and Doesn’t Produce Harmful By-Products

Bi-polar filtration can also capture volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and neutralize unpleasant odors in your home. Unlike other systems such as ozone generators, it produces virtually no by-products that could aggravate respiratory conditions.

While a bi-polar air purifier can eliminate odors and microbes, it still needs proper placement for optimal results. You may also have to address humidity and other issues concerning your home’s indoor air quality. Don’t hesitate to contact Preferred Choice Heating and Air for top-notch indoor air quality solutions in Greenville, SC.

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