Weaknesses exist throughout the entire U.S. electrical grid system, including in Taylors, SC, leading to surges and power outages. These random bursts of electricity have the potential to seriously damage your HVAC system. Here’s why an HVAC surge protector is so important and why you should have our service technicians install one this spring:

Cost-Effective Protection

It’s easy to let small home improvement projects fall by the wayside for fear that they will consume a lot of time or financial resources. But an HVAC surge protector doesn’t fall into either of these categories. Consider it low-cost insurance for your HVAC system. Though it’s tempting to use a simple grounded power strip, it’s worth the small extra amount to protect your air conditioner and heater from electrical damage.

Avoid Premature HVAC Replacements

If you’ve had replace anything after a lightning storm, whether it was a desktop computer or an expensive appliance, you know how terrible it feels. When your air conditioner only receives the voltage it needs without any random surges, you avoid damage that can break it down permanently. As a result, you help it last its intended service life. You won’t need random replacements eating into your hard-earned savings.

Save Money in Several Ways

Having an HVAC surge protector installed saves you money in several ways. Most of all, without random electrical surges damaging your HVAC system, you’ll pay for fewer emergency repairs. Sometimes, your equipment sustains damaged without your knowledge and consumes more energy in the background. This is a costly problem an HVAC surge protector can prevent.

Has a power surge already wreaked havoc on your home? Before you get that HVAC surge protector installed, give us a call at Preferred Choice Heating and Air to schedule an appointment for repairs. We’ll be happy to help you!

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