Air purification seems more important than ever. Families across the nation are looking for ways to kill bacteria and viruses in the air that they breathe at home. One of the simplest ways to improve indoor air quality is to install a whole-house air purifier. That’s where the REME HALO comes into play, but how does this revolutionary purifier work?

Here’s How the REME HALO Cleans Indoor Air

The REME HALO “scrubs” the air in your home much in the same way that nature purifies the air outside. To understand this, you need to know that lightning in the atmosphere purifies the air because it holds a negative charge. That negative charge reacts with the hydrogen peroxide molecules in the air, activating them to clean the air. This is why the air smells so natural and fresh after a good thunderstorm.

The REME HALO air purifier produces hydrogen peroxide plasma using reflective electromagnetic energy, or REME for short. In a sense, it has the same effect on indoor air quality as lightning. Best of all, it creates this effect throughout your entire home.

How Effective Is the REME HALO System?

The system is effective at removing indoor air pollutants. It excels in removing pet dander, dust and pollen from the air. According to studies by RGF Environmental Group, the system is 99% effective at inactivating the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, it can remove odors from your house.

Let Preferred Choice Heating and Air Install the REME HALO in Your Home

Do you want to improve your indoor air quality? If so, you can count on Preferred Choice Heating and Air to properly install the air purification system for you. Our HVAC experts can install any whole-house air purifier that you want. Help your family breathe a little easier with a purifying system. Reach out to us to learn more about the HVAC services that we offer.

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