Heat pumps are efficient heating options for many homes in southeast Greer, SC. Even though they’re efficient, they sometimes fail to heat your house. Here are a few reasons your heat pump is cooling when it’s in heating mode:

In Defrost Mode

Your heat pump works by transferring heat from the outdoors into the house during the heating season. It reverses this function during summer. It has a defrost mode that switches to cooling to heat the outdoor coils.

The defrost mode prevents ice from building up on the outdoor unit and makes it easier to access. Your heat pump will switch to cooling and blow cold air whenever the defrost mode is on.

In such a case, switching it back to heating will resolve the problem. Contact your local HVAC contractor if this doesn’t work. A service technician can inspect the system, identify the issue and repair it.

Frozen Heat Pump

As strange as it sounds, your heat pump can develop ice or frost during normal operations. The frost builds inside the outdoor unit and starts to generate cold air. If you ignore this issue, the ice can cause irreversible damage that’s expensive to repair.

You can get rid of the frost by turning on the defrost mode to melt the ice. Contact a service technician to diagnose and address the issue if this doesn’t work.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a natural gas that absorbs heat from the outdoor air. The gas circulates through a network of tubes that run from the outdoor to the indoor unit. The lines often wear and tear and develop holes that leak the gas.

If it leaks, there will be little or no heat available to transfer into your house. Such a problem not only lowers your comfort levels but also inflates your energy bills. It can be hard to detect these leaks, which is why you need a professional service technician.

Your heat pump can serve you effectively for a long time. However, it takes proper maintenance and the right expertise in case of any issues. For more information about heat pumps, contact Preferred Choice Heating and Air.

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