Whether it’s a sweltering-hot summer day or a bone-chilling winter’s night in Greenville, SC, you rely on your HVAC systems to keep your indoor environment comfortable. Learn how signing up for planned maintenance helps to avoid unexpected problems ranging from annoying glitches to total meltdowns.

The Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Your HVAC systems work by moving cooled or heated air into designated areas of your home. Without regular checks and cleanings, dirt, dust and microscopic particulates will circulate through your living spaces. Airborne contaminants pollute the air you breathe and cause damage to critical components. They also force the equipment to run for longer cycles to maintain consistently comfortable temperatures. Checks and cleanings performed by a qualified HVAC technician help you:

  • Breathe fresher, cleaner, healthier air
  • Avoid premature system replacements
  • Lower your heating and cooling costs

Issues with Poor Performance

From faulty thermostats to poor airflow, any number of problems with your HVAC systems can cause discomfort. Enrolling in a planned maintenance program ensures your equipment will receive the regularly scheduled care it needs to operate at peak performance. It also relieves you of the responsibility of trying to remember to schedule pre-season checkups. At Preferred Choice Heating and Air, our planned maintenance service includes friendly reminders that it’s time for a qualified HVAC technician to tune up your system.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Fewer repairs, lower energy bills, a longer service life the financial benefits of planned maintenance are too long to list! From a 15% discount on repairs and services to no extra charges for overtime work, we’re pleased to offer extra perks to our customers as well. Best of all, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your systems will work well when you most need them.

At Preferred Choice Heating and Air, we’re proud to offer planned maintenance programs for every budget. For more information, check out our Preferred Comfort Community Plans section to explore your options or call us today.

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