With homeowners in Easley, SC, experiencing record-breaking temperatures throughout the summer, your air conditioner has worked even harder to keep you cool and comfortable. HVAC maintenance is a vital part of making sure your air conditioner and heater continue operating as they should. Read on to learn why you should schedule fall HVAC maintenance for your climate control systems.

Maximize Efficiency and Energy Savings

When you welcome a service technician into your home for an HVAC maintenance visit, they will perform a series of checks to optimize your climate control system. They will lubricate moving parts, inspect various components and test them for maximum efficacy. HVAC maintenance helps your air conditioner and heater operate at peak efficiency.

Prevent Costly Breakdowns

During a maintenance visit, your service technician will also look for any signs of trouble. If your air conditioner or heater has a developing problem, like a malfunctioning belt, your service technician will repair it on the spot. Repairing minor issues during HVAC maintenance helps you prevent unexpected and expensive breakdowns later.

Protect Your HVAC System’s Longevity

Maximizing operational efficiency and reducing the frequency of repairs help your HVAC system last as long as its intended service life. HVAC maintenance can even extend your system’s lifespan, preventing your need for premature air conditioning and heating replacements. Considering how much an HVAC system costs, this can result in tremendous savings.

Don’t Forget to Change Your Filter

You should leave most HVAC maintenance tasks to a trained, certified and experienced professional. But there’s one thing you can do to maximize efficiency and energy savings: Change your air filter regularly. Check your HVAC system’s filter every month. If you notice it’s dirty, change it. Doing so will help your HVAC system operate better.

Do you need to schedule heating or air conditioning maintenance? Contact Preferred Choice Heating and Air to book an appointment or to learn about our Preferred Comfort Community Plan. Our team is standing by to ensure your HVAC system is keeping you comfortable without wasting money.

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