Cooling system maintenance for your Greenville, SC, air conditioner is an investment in the health of your home. Maintenance keeps indoor temperatures comfortable and energy costs low. Neglecting seasonal tune-ups takes a tremendous toll on the unit and reduces performance significantly. Regular checkups can prevent that and more.

Annual AC Maintenance Thwarts AC Breakdowns

Researchers in the HVAC industry have found that yearly AC checkups reduce breakdowns by 95%. The cost of AC maintenance is generally less than the cost of AC repair. The national average cost of an AC tune-up is $100. The average cost of AC repair is $369.

Regular Tune-ups Enhance AC Airflow

After a summer of hard work, South Carolina air conditioners get noticeably dirty. The sticky film can gum up the works if not removed regularly. Gritty buildup can impede airflow throughout the system and leave you with stagnant indoor air. That makes the AC work harder, and it costs more to run. A qualified service technician will thoroughly clean your air conditioner or heat pump to help ensure optimal performance.

Yearly AC Tune-ups Reduce Energy Usage

Keeping your air conditioner in tip-top condition will keep your electric bills from getting scary. HVAC experts estimate that the average savings annually for homeowners who properly maintain their HVAC is about 30%. If you keep your AC filters clean in between maintenance visits, you could save another 13%.

Yearly AC Maintenance Extends AC Lifespan

If you treat your air conditioner well, it will reward you with a long and productive service life. Cooling systems can last for up to 30 years if you treat them right. A reliable air conditioner can also increase your property value.

Preferred Choice Heating and Air offers four different maintenance plans to keep your HVAC in epic condition. Visit us now to see them all.

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