Thinking of skipping spring HVAC maintenance in your Greer, SC, home? Annual tuneups for your home’s AC system let you enjoy summer worry-free. Check out these five reasons to make it a point to schedule HVAC maintenance services before summer arrives.

Enjoy the Benefits of Spring Tuneups

HVAC professionals want you to know that having your system inspected and cleaned every year is so beneficial. Not only do you avoid mid-season breakdowns, but your system runs more efficiently. You save money on energy costs and get more years out of your system’s lifespan.

Get Ready for the Cooling Season

Heat and humidity don’t wait for a specific date on the calendar. Summer temperatures arrive fast, and when they get here, you want to have your AC system ready to go. Spring tuneups prime your system to take on whatever summer throws at it.

Skip the Mid-Season Rush for Service

By the middle of summer, AC units have worked hard. Those that aren’t in the best shape need repairs, and getting those repairs doesn’t always happen fast in during a heatwave. Local service technicians can’t keep up with service calls, and you could find yourself without air conditioning while waiting for an appointment. Spring tuneups help you avoid this type of situation.

Spend Less Cooling Your Home

Dirty air conditioners and those with nagging problems use more energy to cool your home. You spend more money on your electric bill than needed. Give your budget a break this summer with a springtime tuneup.

Rid Your Home of Pollutants

Most people spend more time indoors during the winter, which means more dust and other airborne pollutants have built up in your home. Replacing the HVAC’s filter, cleaning the unit and even scheduling duct cleaning get rid of contaminants and improve your indoor air quality.

Spring HVAC maintenance is an affordable service that packs a punch. Get ahead of the crowd. Call Preferred Choice Heating and Air to schedule an air conditioning tuneup today!

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