Having a warm, comforting home to take refuge in makes winter in Greenville, SC, bearable. Yet, if your furnace has struggled to kick on, you might wonder if you need to replace it. Don’t play guessing games with your household’s comfort. Plan for new furnace installation soon if your heating system has these problems:

You Have an Older Furnace

Do you know your HVAC system’s age? Furnaces approaching the 15- to 20-year mark often experience recurring problems. Repairing issue after issue gets expensive. Replacing the furnace puts an end to constant repairs. It also improves reliability and efficiency.

Many people move into their homes with the furnace already installed. So, they don’t know the system’s exact age. Fortunately, you can find the information you need. Locate the system’s model number on the furnace and look up its manufacturer date online. Still not sure about the unit’s age? Call an HVAC professional to help you.

You Need Frequent Furnace Repairs

Nothing drains your bank account faster than constant furnace repairs. If you have to call for furnace repair every winter, consider installing a new system. You’re better off spending money on installing a more reliable system. Making nonstop repairs, regardless of the unit’s age, wastes your money.

Your Energy Bills Keep Rising

Yes, energy costs always rise in the winter because the heat gets used more. Yet, your energy bills shouldn’t skyrocket or seem too high. Inefficient furnaces contribute to rising energy costs. Schedule a tune-up with an HVAC specialist to decide on furnace replacement.

The Furnace Makes Unusual Noises

Anytime the system runs louder or makes other unusual noises start looking for a new furnace. These noises happen because of leaks, cracks and other issues deemed irreparable. Install a new furnace now to avoid heat loss when you least expect it.

When you need a new furnace installation, work with knowledgeable professionals. Call Preferred Choice Heating and Air to find the right unit for your home.

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