Losing even a small amount of heat leads to higher heating bills and more pressure on your furnace or heat pump. You can cut back on those bills and extend the life of your heating equipment by identifying the places where your home loses heat and addressing the issue. If your home suffers from excessive heat loss, don’t let it stress you out. Many homeowners in Greer, SC, and across the country suffer from the same problem.


Start with a look at all of your windows since they’re one of the top places where homeowners lose heat. Any gaps between the glass and the frame can cause heat loss. Warm air can also escape through small cracks in the glass, even those that you may not see.


Many homes in Greer, SC have basements made from cinder or concrete blocks. Any gaps between those blocks will allow heat to escape, which is why you should weatherproof your basement. If you have glass blocks or other types of windows, you can also lose heat through them.


Before you call for furnace repair services because your home feels cold, check your ceiling. Hot air rises and can easily leave your home because you don’t have enough insulation. Hiring a contractor to add more insulation between your roof and ceiling can help keep your home warmer.


You can lose a lot of heat daily just because the bottom of your door does not sit flush with the frame. If you have doors with windows or sidelights, some heat can also escape outside through small cracks in the glass.

Keep Your Greer Home Warm

Keeping your home warm during the long winter months and chilly spring in Greer is easy with the right professionals. Our team can help you choose a new furnace that can keep up with the weather outside. Call us at Preferred Choice Heating and Air today for furnace installation once you learn how to prevent heat loss this year.

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