From your coffee maker to your AC system, your home is filled with devices that rely on a steady electrical current to operate. A sudden surge in electricity can degrade or destroy the equipment. A whole-home surge protector from Preferred Choice Heating and Air safeguards you and your Greenville, SC property from damaging spikes in electricity.

What Causes Electrical Power Surges?

Lightning strikes might be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about power surges. It’s not an unreasonable assumption. Nearly every city in North Carolina experiences more than 2,000 lightning strikes each year. Most power surges, however, originate within homes and businesses. Anything from a short-circuiting toaster to frayed wiring can trigger an irregular surge in electrical voltage.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

A single surge of electrical power can make an appliance or electronic device inoperable. In most cases, the damage is less obvious. Over time, power surges impact everything that runs on electricity. The average home in North Carolina experiences hundreds of power surges each year. Installed by a professional electrician, a whole-house surge protector intercepts and redirects excessive voltage away from your valuable appliances and electronics.

Why Invest in a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

Peace of mind is the greatest benefit you’ll enjoy after a whole-home surge protector installation. You can rest easy knowing your home is protected from unpredictable surges in electricity. Whole-house protectors offer multiple financial benefits too.

  • Whole-home surge protectors prevent electrical surges from damaging expensive appliances and electronics.
  • A surge protector installation means you won’t have to worry about unexpected repairs and replacements.
  • Homes with whole-house surge protection sell for a higher value than those without the shielding system.

In addition to HVAC solutions to indoor comfort, Preferred Choice Heating and Air offers a full range of professional electrical services. To learn more about surge protection, call us today. Our qualified electricians will be happy to provide you with more information.

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