The type of heating system can impact your energy cost and comfort. Here are things you should consider when choosing a new heating system in Easley, SC.

Fuel Type or Energy Source

Heating systems use different sources of fuel, including natural gas, propane or LP gas, electricity and fuel oil. The type of fuel in heating systems depends on its availability in that area and the cost of the fuel. It would help if you did some relative cost estimates of using the fuel or energy source before choosing a heating system.


Highly efficient heating systems cost less to operate and help you to save money on monthly energy bills. Check for the Energy Star label on heating systems for high-quality systems that guarantee efficiency. According to Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, heating systems with an efficiency rating higher than 95% are more energy-efficient.

The efficiency of a heating system is also measured by the impact it has on the environment. Highly efficient systems have fewer emissions. They help to conserve the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

Overall Cost

You should consider the overall cost of installing and maintaining your heating system when choosing a new heating system. Heating systems usually have an energy guide to help you estimate annual energy costs and make comparisons with other systems. You can also contact an expert HVAC technician to provide estimates of regular maintenance costs.

Distribution System

There are two types of distribution systems, forced air and hot water system. Forced air systems use air ducts and registers to distribute heat, and they are the most used systems. They are popular since the ducts are also used to filter and humidify the air as it passes through.

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