Now would be the time to make sure your Greer, SC, home stays warm during winter. Heating is costly, but you can save your utility expenses with the following tips. Continue reading to find out how you can improve the efficiency of your furnace.

Schedule a Tune-Up

If your heating system appears to be in good working order, it is easy to postpone a few maintenance visits. This may soon mount up, though, because a standard furnace requires annual servicing. To get the most out of your furnace during its 20-30-year lifecycle, have a professional inspect the fluids, replace the air filters, and perform routine preventative maintenance.

Set the Right Temperature

One of the simplest methods to improve the effectiveness of your Greer, SC, furnace is to lower the thermostat by 8 to 10 degrees when you’re away or the household is asleep. Your furnace may not last long if it’s always running hard to heat your house, but by lowering the thermostat, your heating system will operate more effectively when you truly need it. When you utilize the thermostat in this manner, you may potentially save up to 15% on your energy bills each year.

Seal the Ductwork

Most heating and cooling systems rely on large ductwork to transport air throughout the house, and the average ducting contributes about 20-30% of energy loss due to leakages as air moves through the ductwork. While a furnace nearing the end of its useful life might result in consistently rising energy costs despite steady energy requirements, leaking ductwork can also lead to significant energy loss with time.

Call in a professional to inspect your ducts to maintain your furnace’s efficiency and keep it from overworking to heat your house.

Your Greer, SC, heating system isn’t only the life and soul of winter comfort; it’s also an investment you would like to safeguard. Contact Preferred Choice Heating and Air for furnace installation and repair.

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