When will the electricity get turned back on? — that’s the first question people usually ask when the power goes out. There’s another even more important question worth asking. Will your air conditioning system still work when power gets restored? Find out how HVAC surge protectors ensure everyone stays comfortable when the lights go out in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding communities.

How HVAC Surge Protectors Secure Your Comfort

Even without electrical outages, it pays to protect your AC system from power surges. We tend to think of incoming power from the grid as a steady and smooth current of electricity. That’s never the case. The average American home experiences more than 300 power surges each year. Household appliances and electronics can adjust to small fluctuations, but that only goes so far. Over time, spikes, surges and transients take a toll on the equipment.

Those everyday surge protectors at your local hardware store offer little defense against the large fluctuations of electricity that usually occur after power outages. Installed at your AC system’s outdoor unit, HVAC surge protectors safely send extra voltage straight into the ground.

Safeguard Your Investment

Replacing a toaster or coffee maker after a damaging power surge is one thing. Replacing your AC system is another thing altogether. It makes good financial sense to protect the equipment you depend on to keep everyone cool indoors during scorching hot weather. HVAC surge protectors shield the condenser and compressor, the most expensive components in your AC system to replace.

Adding Up the Benefits

Saving money on repairs and replacements is reason enough to install HVAC surge protectors for your air conditioning system. The peace of mind you’ll enjoy is priceless. No matter how hot the weather or how often the power goes out, you can rest easy knowing everyone will stay safe and comfortable indoors.

Ready to learn more? Call Preferred Choice Heating and Air today! We’re proud to provide the professional installation services you need to stay cool indoors in the Greenville area of South Carolina.

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