From dust and smoke to spores and pathogens, threats to your Simpsonville, SC home’s indoor air quality come in many forms. Fortunately, the unique, cutting-edge technologies inside the Air Oasis Bi-Polar Air Purifier deliver proven protection against a broad spectrum of airborne pollutants.

Put an End to Particle Pollution

No matter how clean you keep your home, you may be surprised at the volume of particles in the air. Most indoor spaces are relatively airtight, sealing in specks of dust, dander, pollen, liquid droplets and other particulates. Particulate matter is especially harmful to those with allergies or respiratory issues, but the Air Oasis Bi-Polar Air Purifier provides the perfect solution. Combining carbon filtration with bi-polar ionization, this innovative system targets and removes these particles with pinpoint precision.

Sanitize the Air With Bi-Polar Ionization

It’s unpleasant to think about, but biological contaminants are disconcertingly common in many homes and indoor spaces. This includes viruses, bacteria, spores and other microorganisms that can easily spread and cause ill health. These pollutants easily pass through most filters, but they can’t escape Air Oasis’ bi-polar ionization technology. This process works by separating water vapor into hydrogen and oxygen ions that disrupt the function of microorganisms. Not only does this safely remove pathogens from the air, but it also helps to disinfect surfaces around your home.

Reduce Volatile Gases and Odors

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are among the most common indoor air pollutants. They’re emitted by a wide range of sources, including cleaning supplies, paint, carpeting, furniture, electronics and more. In addition to being a potential health hazard, many of these gases also produce unpleasant smells. With the Air Oasis Bi-Polar Air Purifier, however, you can breathe easy knowing your air quality is well-protected. Featuring both carbon and pleated HEPA filters, the Air Oasis system is extremely efficient at neutralizing VOCs and other odor-causing impurities.

Is the Air Oasis Bi-Polar Air Purifier the missing piece you need to create a cleaner, healthier, happier home? To find out, contact the specialists at Preferred Choice Heating and Air, today and ask about our affordable and effective indoor air quality products.

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