Homeowners in Simpsonville, SC, want the best possible indoor air quality, especially if someone in the family has allergies or asthma. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in an air purifier to ensure a clean and healthy environment at home.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

Typically, an air purifier has filters to trap particles and pollutants circulating in your indoor air. The filters come in various materials such as paper, mesh or fiberglass. These filters remove allergens and other particles from the air so that your home environment has cleaner, healthier air inside.

Eliminates Dust Buildup

Dust in your home is inevitable, but an air purifier can do an excellent job of trapping it. If you’re allergic to dust, the equipment will help prevent particles from triggering your allergies. You can rest easy since all your furniture and other items will have much less dust accumulation.

Gets Rid of Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke

Tobacco and cigarette smoke can make your home have a strong and unpleasant smell. Professional indoor air quality services help ensure that you have clean air in Simpsonville, SC. For example, professionals can install an air purifier with HEPA filters to remove the smoke and particles that cause respiratory illness among children.

Reduces Toxic Gases

Gases such as carbon monoxide emanate from your cooking appliances such as cookers and water heaters throughout the year. When you inhale too much carbon monoxide gas, you could experience dizziness and headaches. The good news is that air purifiers reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the air, improving your health and well-being.

Contact us at Preferred Choice Heating and Air for help from HVAC maintenance professionals. We’ll educate you about your options for an air purifier, install it and ensure that it’s always working.

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