Damaged fans and motors are common causes behind unusual furnace noises in Simpsonville, SC. A clogged air filter may also be the reason your furnace is making strange sounds. The furnace sounds you should be wary of include scraping or screeching, banging or popping, clunking or knocking, and squealing.

Scraping or Screeching

If you hear scraping or screeching, the blower wheel is probably broken or loosened. It could also mean that you have a broken motor mount.

This is not only one of the worst sounds in terms of annoyance but a sign of a serious problem. You need to turn off the furnace to protect it from further damage. Scraping and screeching noises indicate sharp metals scraping other parts.

Banging or Popping

Banging and popping noises indicate another situation where you should turn off your furnace and wait on a licensed repair technician. Your furnace may sustain more damage in its attempt to operate with a broken or disconnected part.

Another possible cause behind banging and popping noises is a clogged air filter. Remember to change your air filter on a monthly basis because you can prevent furnace damage this way.

Clunking or Knocking

A misaligned fan can cause a clunking or knocking sound. Another common reason behind this noise is a cracked or split fan belt that’s whacking against other parts of the furnace while rotating. You should turn off the furnace while waiting for repair technicians to arrive.


Something inside of your furnace is probably in need of lubrication if you hear squealing sounds. There are moving components in the furnace that regularly require lubrication.

You can keep these parts lubricated by scheduling furnace maintenance once a year in Simpsonville, SC. Annual maintenance helps prevent many other furnace problems as well. During a tune-up, professionals will inspect the system for early damage and thoroughly clean it.

Strange furnace sounds like those listed above indicate that you may need heating repair. Contact Preferred Choice Heating and Air to schedule furnace repair in Simpsonville, SC.

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