When you turn on your heater in Easley, SC, you expect that everything works fine. The last thing you need is to take time out of your day to track down potential problems with your HVAC system. There’s probably an issue if the temperature in your home is higher than the setting on your thermostat. Here are four reasons your room temperature might be higher than your thermostat setting.

Damaged Sensors

A thermostat turns on your heating system by determining the temperature of its environment with a sensor. If your thermostat’s sensor isn’t functioning properly or at all, the result is a room temperature that’s either higher or lower than your thermostat setting.

Dirty Equipment

A dirty thermostat has problems functioning as well. Dirt or lint blocks the sensors so that the room temperature and the thermostat setting aren’t the same. A vacuum cleaner isn’t a good choice for cleaning the thermostat; instead, use canned air and gently clean the components.

Improperly Sized HVAC System

To properly heat your indoor environment, your home needs an HVAC system that fits your needs. If your HVAC system is too large, then it will heat parts of your home and shut off before heating the rest of your home. If you raise the thermostat higher to keep your HVAC system on longer, this increases your HVAC system’s maintenance needs.

Thermostat Location

The location of your thermostat plays a role in how well it functions. A thermostat located by an exterior door, a drafty hallway or on an exterior wall will continue to warm the room as it thinks the room is colder than it actually is.

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